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col. Lee and Sgt. Cook
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Col. Kenneth Lee and Sgt. Chris Cook retell the daily fear of constantly searching for roadside bombs, and how it affected their driving.

Injured Col. Lee
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Col. Kenneth Lee discusses how his Korean culture affected his military experience.

War Story: An In Wisconsin Special


Approximately 30,000 Wisconsin soldiers so far have been deployed to serve in the Iraq War. The political turmoil surrounding the war is great... as is the personal strife of the men and women who serve.

In "War Story: An In Wisconsin Special," producer Frederica Freyberg tells the story of two Wisconsin National Guardsmen who served in Iraq.

After being injured in a suicide bomber attack, the soldiers return home - only to encounter a problem many war veterans experience - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. More than one quarter of returning veterans suffer from mental health problems. In this special, Freyberg examines the treatment options available to Wisconsin veterans and shares the firsthand accounts of Col. Kenneth Lee, M.D., the commander of a Waukesha-based Wisconsin National Guard medical unit and Sgt. Chris Cook, a nurse who has since retired from being a sergeant with the unit. Lee and Cook share their painful memories of the war and describe how the experience continues to color their recovery.

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